Galaxy Nexus Screen Replacement

So you’ve dropped your Galaxy Nexus and now the screen is cracked. An expensive repair bill is the last thing you need so you decide to take on the Galaxy Nexus screen replacement yourself. Unfortunately due to the Galaxy Nexus’s screen design is it very difficult to seperate the touch screen digitizer and AMOLED display screen which means if you’ve got a crack in one, you need to replace both!

Finding a replacement part can be a difficult task as the phone is still relatively new ( list nothing!). We have found a website which does have a replacement Galaxy Nexus screen on offer though - Samsung Galaxy Nexus LCD Screen Display with Digitizer

Galaxy Nexus Disassembly

Fortunately dismatling the Galaxy Nexus is fairly simple with only basic tools required.

Tools that you will need:

Here is a video demonstration of taking apart a Galaxy Nexus.

Although replacing a broken screen on a Galaxy Nexus is a bit of a mission, it is well worth the effort. It would be a waste to just throw away any smartphone which boasts anything close to the Galaxy Nexus Specs.